Vesselil is a new modern folk string trio from Denmark consisting of violin, viola, cello and vocals. The trio presents a versatile and elegant repertoire, a mixture of old Nordic folk songs, dance tunes, own compositions and elements of improvisation. The trio has a contagious love for exploring the possibilities and nuances of the stringed instruments and their vivid and creative arrangements transports you in and out of filmic sceneries, sizzling dance floors and open skies. 

The name Vesselil, taken from an ancient Danish ballad, tells the story about the young woman Vesselil, who refuses to sell her dreams and ambitions for gold. With her integrity as inspiration, the trio communicates joy and melancholy and the vast borderland in between.

“A concert with Vesselil is highly recommended. Not only do the musicians play absolutely compelling and with presence, but the music in itself is new, forward and lively concert music with roots thoroughly planted in our common music culture.”

Poul Udbye Pock-Steen, director of Via Artis Konsort

Vesselil is: 
Clara Tesch - violin, viola & vocal
Elisabeth Dichmann - violin & vocal
Maja Aarøe Freese - cello & vocal