Clara Tesch

Maja Aarøe Freese

Elisabeth Dichmann

“These three musicians […] know how to vibrate the strings of their instruments with sensuality, emotion and energy.”

“If you sit close by the entrance to “Viseteltet” this Saturday evening to listen to the superb string trio Vesselil, who almost sets the roof on fire with their playing, and with the audience jumping and shouting excitedly, you will know that many people will go in vain, if they haven’t got a seat.”

“Vesselil played a very emotional, heart touching concert at Tanz & Folk Festival Berlin no.2 which left a lasting impression. Maja, Elisabeth and Clara did not just a “show”, but seemed to play straight from their souls.

“The newly founded women’s folk trio Vesselil from Denmark shows with their self titled debut album what we mean when we speak of ‘re-shine’. […] So modern and at the same time respectfully interpreted.”

“Despite its dark and brooding nature, this is a very absorbing album, technically excellent and musically magnificent, perfect for those dark winter nights with a roaring fire and a few like-minded friends.”